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The picture book is a unique genre in many ways. Like movies, they blend word, sound and image. They are written for an audience that cannot read. Still, we know our words will be read, but not in silence. They will be read aloud to one child or a group of children. Word count can range from zero to one thousand. Age of audience can range from birth to eight or older. Content can be fiction, nonfiction, concept, poetry and more. Yet within all these possibilities, the majority of picture books exist with 32 pages.

Critiques will address:



*Form & Structure




*Point of View

Turnaround time: One week. I like to read a manuscript several times over a period of days and in different settings. You deserve a well thought-out response.

Honesty: I cannot say what will or won’t get published. If I could, I would have 100 books with my name on the cover instead of 40. Publisher’s interests and needs are always changing. Manuscripts accepted ten years ago might not be published today. And, vice versa. What I will do is address both what is working well and what could be improved in your manuscript.

Format for submission: Text of 1,000 words or less. No illustrations. Summary description of 25 words or less. Font size 12. Double spaced. Please submit as a separate word document file.

Please feel free to contact me with any submission concerns before sending your manuscript:

***** gwbshannon@gmail.com *****

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