"Yours Truly, Louisa" by Simon Puttock


Louisa the pig has opinions.  The farm is too dirty, and the farmer should do something about it.  To that end she writes a series of anonymous letters to the farmer.  He tries to make improvements.  But Louisa wants more and more improvements. Simon Puttock’s wry fable moves at a lively pace.  Crisp scenes and dialogue drive the story that eventually finds Louisa leaving the farm in disgust.  And, of course, returning once she discovers the grass is not always greener (or cleaner) on the other side.

Puttock’s story appears to be simple, but evolves with a deft shift as to which character truly has a problem and who is responsible for resolving it.  The gem of Pottock’s writing is that he begins with the demanding child or self-righteous adult as the “victim” and concludes by showing that the “victim” has the power to affect his own dilemma.

As  serious as that may sound, Yours Truly, Louisa remains light-hearted and playful thanks to Pottock’s text and Jo Kiddie’s deadpan illustrations.  Cheers.

Puttock, Simon.  Yours Truly, Louisa.  Illustrated by Jo Kiddie.  HarperCollins, 2009.  ISBN: 978-0-06-136634-5