“…in my early work, like Mister Muster, the whole style was influenced by watching television over the heads of my children…I think I learned at some point to use myself.  At the beginning, I was creating nice little stories for children, which may have been an offshoot of being a parent…But after about ten years I realized that there was no reason why I couldn’t stop writing for children and start writing more out of my own feelings.  I think that’s how Frog and Toad came to be.  It was the first time I had turned inward…I cared about what the story would be for children, but at the same time I was aware that all of the things that happened in it were essentially very personal to me and had resonances in my own life…”            Arnold Lobel

Martha, like Arnold Lobel loved movies.  When the projector breaks down Martha saves the day by spinning events of her life into stories.

 Martha the Movie Mouse.  Harper, 1966.